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  • Great visit to the studio with Frank Warren of PostSecret! We’re so excited for PostSecret: The Album.

  • Shhhh! PostSecret and I are releasing an album together. Learn how you can win limited-edition PostSecret swag and pre-order the album at

  • All I Ever Wanted From You

    "We don’t have to do anything extraordinary. We don’t have to talk about anything important. We don’t have to make any hard decisions or hurt any feelings or say anything significant at all. We just have to be together."

    Such a wonderful thought about what is truly valuable in relationships. Thanks for calling.

  • In the Wake of the Day

    "I’ve never felt more alive, more encouraged, more determined in my entire life. I’m 25 and I’m on the verge of starting up a business. But, it’s with the way my mother raised me and where I’m at now: how I’ve become a strong, intelligent man…"

    Mornings always hold so much potential. Thanks for calling.

  • They Just Want Me for Sex

    "Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m even worth dating… because I don’t do what the other girls do."

    Stay young, stay foolish. Thanks for calling.